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artibel srl


The company is specialized in the processing of one of the most famous products of Mediterranean fine foods culture, the Tropea-Calabria Red Onion I.G.P., which is characterized by its sweetness, crunchiness and its unmistakable bright red color, produced for over 4000 years in Calabria, South Italy. The qualitative peculiarities of this variety are strictly related to the environment, the cultivation lands, near the sea, temperature and humidity.
The production area of Tropea Red Onion I.G.P. includes suitable land, in particular the central part of Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast. The production area is characterized by being the perfect cultivation environment for these wonderful onions, presenting itself as a Mediterranean micro-environment. This local variety of onion is known to be aphrodisiac, antiseptic, anesthetic and diuretic. A product able to treat rheumatism, with anti-asthma, anti-sclerotic properties and with a regulatory action for cholesterol, as well as having a unique and unforgettable flavor.
Artibel processing the Tropea-Calabria Red Onion I.G.P. into multiple and delicious recipes, from the fresh product as it is to the jams and sweet and sour, offering the consumer the genuine and original taste of the most famous onion in the world. The company controls every step of the production chain, from seed to finished product, ensuring transparency, traceability and originality of the product, respecting traditional cultivation methods, the production area and the natural cycles of the seasons.