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Founded in 1988, starting from a small laboratory, the company is today one of the main exponents of Calabrian fine food, based in Belmonte Calabro, province of Cosenza. With a production facility of 2000 square meters overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Artibel is able to match manual processing with the most innovative technologies, ensuring original and genuine products, respecting the traditional recipes and the production area.
The Artibel mission is the production and transformation of the best Calabrian (South Italy) raw materials, into typical and unique products, to make them known all over the world. The company is directed by the Arlia family that is constantly engaged in the processing of regional products, in particular: “Dottato” Fig of Cosenza (D.O.P. or standard), Tropea – Calabria Red Onion I.G.P. and Calabrian Chili Peppers.
The raw materials come from “Olivella” BIO farm, owned by the company, where the Artibel experts cultivate the “Dottato” Figs of Cosenza (D.O.P. and standard) and the Calabrian specialties, ensuring genuineness and premium quality, from the plant to the fruit, applying its Short Production Chain.
The vision of the company consists in the continuous traceability and transparency of production processes and finished products, to offer consumers an authentic Calabrian culinary experience.
The value of tradition, the ancient recipes, the selection of raw materials, the constant and rigorous control of all stages of production and processing, are the roots on which the company bases its work, operating with constancy, dedication and passion for Italian fine food.