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artibel srl

calabrian chili pepper

The company is specialized in the processing of Calabrian Chili Pepper, with a careful selection of the best seeds and plants of the most famous vegetable in the region. The company works in particular with two local varieties: the “Amando” Chili Pepper and the “Guarda in Cielo” Chili Pepper.
The “Amando” Chili is recognized for its elongated shape and its intense spiciness, with a degree of spiciness ranging from 35,000 to 45,000 SHU. The “Guarda in Cielo” Chili is recognized for its upward shape, from the plant, and for its balanced spiciness, with a degree of spiciness ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 SHU. The Calabrian Chili is used to season fine food dishes and recipes exalting flavors and aromas, giving the right touch of spiciness.
Artibel processing the Calabrian Chili into multiple and delicious recipes, from the Chili Pepper Cream to the Jam, from the Naturally Dried Chili to Powder and Crushed Chili, guaranteeing the consumer the typical quality of the product, from the earth to the table. The company controls every step of the production chain, from seed to finished product, ensuring transparency, traceability and originality of the product, respecting traditional cultivation methods, the production area and the natural cycles of the seasons.