Tradition and Territory

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“La Calabria sembra essere stata creata da un Dio capriccioso che, dopo aver creato diversi mondi, si è divertito a mescolarli insieme.”
"Calabria seems to have been created by a capricious God who, having created several worlds, had fun to mix them together."

Guido Piovese, Viaggio in Italia, 1957

“La gente di questi paesi è di un tatto e di una cortesia che hanno una sola spiegazione: qui una volta la civiltà era greca.”
People of these countries are very polite and corteous. There must be only an explanation of that: Once, here the civilization was Greek. "

Cesare Pavese, Lettere, Brancaleone, 1953

“I calabresi mettono il loro patriottismo nelle cose più semplici, come la bontà dei loro frutti e dei loro vini. Amore disperato del loro paese, di cui riconoscono la vita cruda, che hanno fuggito, ma che in loro è rimasta allo stato di ricordo e di leggenda dell’infanzia.”
“The Calabrian people are really proud of their country, the y put their patriotism in the simplest things, such as the goodness and their fruits and their wines. Desperate love for their country and for its real life from where they have escaped , but that they keep them as memory and legend of their childhood. "

Corrado Alvaro, Quasi una vita, 1950

Belmonte Calabro: land, village of Ancient Greece, cradle of the Mediterranean.

Belmonte Calabro: land, village of Ancient Greece, cradle of the Mediterranean. It is a natural environment surronded by colors, voices and scents with its breathless sea and the deep green of its thick forest, undisputed Kingom for a wide variety of birds.

Jays, blackbirds, magpies, thrushes, crows, finches, verzellini, robins, greenfinches, nightingales, woodpeckers, hoopoe, owls, tits, dormice, squirrels live together in this world made of harmony and beauty.

From November till January the land is characterized by the spectacular rising of thousand fire red balls overtoping the green dense grass: they are the Corbezzoli, nice to see and very tasty to eat.

This is also the season of blueberry important also for its flexible twigs used to thread the dried figs which give them an amazing scent of the forest while springtime is the season of hawthorn. Artibel is located in this worderfull enviroment,surrounded by all the beauty and charm of Belmonte Calabro.

The most popular suppositions regarding the town’s name origin are: it may have origin from Beaumont, an Angioiono marshall responsible for the construction of coastal fortifications and the Castle, or from the dialect word "Bellumunte" referred to the hill on which stands the castle, built by Charles D'Angio’in the 1270.
Belmonte Calabro has been colonized by the Greeks and Bruzi. It was also an important Contea of Salvacossa, Baronia dei Tarsia and Raveschieri, to become later a Principato of Pignatelli. Moreover it was attached by pirates and conquered by the Fench and in the 1799 it was active part of the Republican Movement and later of the Risorgimento.

This beautiful Country has always been celebrated by Historians and it ha salso been inspiration for past and present Poets since the Ancient Time: Padre Fiore da Cropani: “bello e vago paese pieno di cedri, aranci e limoni”Beautiful country filled with cedars, orange and lemon trees"; Gabriele Barrio: “Vi crescono orti frondosi e vi nascono frutti di ogni genere e precoci” "Land of leafy vegetable gardens and wide variety of fruits”.

Galeazzo di Tarsia: “ Chiare, fresche, correnti e lucide onde; verdi prati, alti poggi e boschi ameni”. "Clear, fresh stream and glossy waves, green fields, high hills and pleasant woods."

Peppino Veltri: “ Da levante l’olezzo ella (Belmonte) riceve dei fiori alpestri su pel clivio sparsi mentre a ponente il glauco mar l’allieta con cinguettar ed il frusciar dell’onde” “ Belmonte is surronded by scattered alpine flowers to the East and by the sound of the sea to the West”.

Artibel born and build up its origin and hitory in this wonderful land.

“Beautiful landscape where different natural environments cohabit with representative elements of our tradition and history, throught the presence of many water mills that accompany the river in its relentless race to the sea. Rich and lovely land where, about two hundred species of plants and a hundred and thirty of animal species live together.

A natural environment of great value represented by its main and typical activity: Agriculture.Land characterized by small rural villages water mills, farms, typical elements of the Belmonte Municipality. A campaign characterized by a rural landscape with an irregular alternation of oak woods, vineyards, olive groves, low houses and small country towns.

*tratto da A.P.B. Belmonte Calabro e il suo Gigante”
*taken from A.P.B. Belmonte Calabro e il suo Gigante”

Artibel is placed in this small space of Paradise. Its Flavors are made with ancient recipes which are testimonies of a rich culinary past tradition, in which the Hellenic and Greek-Roman civilization have left their signifiant and delicious mark. Flavors able to gratifiy both rural men and Gods of the time.

A land rich in of beliefs and rituals food where the food and the fire symbolize the house, the family, people happy life.

An exclusive cocktail of aromas, flavors and traditions, to exalt the classic and inimitable Mediterranean food culture. 

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