Cultivation and transformation

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Artibel principal purpose is cultivate and produce their products in a very simple, natural and less technologized way, as it was in the past. It aims also to be loyal with its consumers giving a detailed instruction regarding product certification and process.

Artibel reaches its best results in terms of product authenticity, originality and genuine, just regaining and exploiting the authentic peasant culture and tradition.

Artibel has realized a modern agricolture system throught a deeper relationship between land and environment, respecting the naturalness and the seasonality of each culture of the product.

Artibel based all its work on a costant research of improvement, a close-knit team work, a loyal relation with its consumers and on an absolute aesthetic and quality perfection of the product.

Artibel products are the result of deep-rooted experience, enriched by the use of best ingredients, healthy and genuine raw materials, solid experience in the processing techniques.

A Company to have succes must have a great and professional Management and this is why Artibel has a great success.

Artibel born from an established tradition of Artibel’s family, who since the 1400 has dedicated its work in cultivation and production of fruits and vegetables with love and passion. Little by litle it has become a well know Company of finished products thank to its ancient traditional recepises, adapted to the classic and remarkable Mediterranean food culture.

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